Paweł Szymon Kosiński (pskosinski)
#^Pushed Back at the Door: Denial of Access to Asylum in Eastern EU Member states

The report ‘Pushed Back at the Door’ by NGOs from five Eastern EU Members States (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia) presents a bleak picture of Europe’s response to the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. Increased border control and the construction of physical and legal barriers restricting access to protection for people fleeing war and terror characterize this ‘scary new’ reality. The political discourse shaping legislative and policy measures in the participating countries is centred around issues of security and terrorism, while little or no room is left for the obligation to grant the right to asylum and to protection. (…)

A significant share of the reports by asylum-seekers (around 45 percent) concern physical violence including knocking to the ground, kicking, beating people with batons and in one case – a handgun grip. In six cases, police dogs were used for intimidation during the arrest, which resulted in one case of a dog bite. In several other cases, the policemen used warning shots (shooting in the air). In a similar incident on 15 October, 2016 a 19-year old Afghani man was killed after a border policeman allegedly used a warning shot and the bullet ricocheted killing the person. In June of 2016, the Burgas Regional Prosecutor’s Office discontinued the investigation because, the Office concluded, the result of the officer’s conduct was coincidental and could not have been foreseen. (…)

On 31 May 2016, HHC monitors met three minors from Afghanistan who had crossed to Hungary on 15 May. After the crossing, the minor children were subsequently beaten, kicked and pepper sprayed by Hungarian police. Dogs were unleashed on them, and two weeks later the traces of dog-bites were still visible on the nose of one of the minors. There was no medical record of the injuries, nor any follow-up treatment at the reception center in Hungary.

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Paweł Szymon Kosiński (pskosinski)
The essence of the capitalism. Profit maximization at any cost.

#^Invisible workers – Syrian refugees in Turkish garment factories

After the coup attempt in July 2016, fear and insecurity is plaguing Turkey.  Amidst the uncertainty, almost 3 million Syrians who have fled to Turkey from their war-torn country are taking any job they can get to survive. Turkey is the world’s third-largest supplier of clothing after China and Bangladesh, and its garment sector has absorbed thousands of Syrians. Although Syrians can now theoretically obtain work permits, only around 7,000 permits have been issued so far.

The clear majority of Syrians continues to be undocumented, which means they lack access to legal employment contracts and social security. They are also unlikely to complain about poor working conditions to their employers or the authorities, as they are easily laid off and risk losing their only source of income.  This makes Syrian refugees highly vulnerable to exploitation by employers, who take advantage of their desperate situation. Many face payment below the minimum wage, excessive working hours, a lack of social security and discriminatory treatment.

Cases of employment of Syrian refugee children have also been reported.

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