Paweł Szymon Kosiński (pskosinski)
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10,1 km in 53'53, what results in the average pace of 5'18/km. Average 85% of maximum heart rate. That gives around 44,79 of VO2max. 130 meters up, 131 down. I beat my 10k best by around 3-4 minutes. My (unofficial, but there's no official either, I never participated in any race) best is now 52'57. Additionally, the best 5k subsegment of the run was now 25'17, what's only 11" slower than my best 5k: 25'06, but I was running about 40 meters up. So I have quite some room for improvement on 5k too. :) The best run this year so far. I'm finally getting on the higher level than I was a year ago before I sprained left ankle. I was struggling with that for half a year, a few months after recovery I damaged a tendon in right ankle… I'm running again more from the beginning of February and so far so good! :) Now I care really much about calculating average weekly effort, being consistent, and not increasing load too much on weekly basis, to not get injured again and not "waste" 12 more months.

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Paweł Szymon Kosiński (pskosinski)
Bardzo aktualne, szczególnie w przypadku Polski.

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