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Natural roads: beautiful; man-made: absurd

Link to the activity on Runalyze:

In accordance with the law road markings reflect vertical signs. If they don't then vertical signs take precedence. In such a case I should somehow teleport from the bike path on right to the bike crossing on the left and on the end of the crossing teleport back to the bike path. Even more, the bike path is made of stone while the sidewalk is made of asphalt. Congratulations, Dzierżoniów.

A few more Audio CDs have arrived

Some Polish punk rock and some Ukrainian metal.

I don't remember anymore when was the last time I bought an Audio CD

Psychopathic, German pastry chef's scale

An awesome, natural trail

(Almost) broken chain

Unluckily, without proper tools, luckily, only 15 kilometers from home.

Cycling through the Hills of Niemcza